Posting the Amount of Money Needed to Get Out of Jail

You may consider being arrested and put in jail one of your worst nightmares. You may not even know what you would do if you were to find yourself in this situation.

As frightening as it might seem in your own mind, you may want to consider what legal options are available to secure your release from jail after you are arraigned. Your first and best option might be to get money from friends or family members, sell some property to raise cash, or use Erie County bail bonds services to front the money you need to get out of jail.
The Bail and Bonds Process

The decision whether to pursue a bail or bond amount depends on the nature of the offense for which you have been arrested as well as how much money you actually have at your disposal. If you are entirely out of money and have no way to raise it, you may want to use a bail to secure your release.

A bail is essentially a portion of the bond ordered by the judge at your arraignment hearing. The judge stipulates the amount of money, or bond, that you must pay to get out of jail. However, the court may accept a percentage, typically around 10 percent, of the bond rather than making you pay the full amount upfront.

That percentage amount is called bail and can be secured through a bail bondsman if you do not have the cash in your bank account. The bail bondsman has you sign a contract promising to show up for all of your court dates as well as pay off the bail amount within a set number of weeks or months. You may have to put up collateral like a car or house against the amount as well.

If you jump bail, or fail to show up for your court dates, the bail bondsman can ask the court for a bench warrant and pursue you until you are apprehended. As long as you show up for all of your court appearances, the terms of your bail should be satisfied.
Bail can help you get out of jail after you have been arrested. Before you contact the bondsman, you may want to learn more about how this financial arrangement works. You are legally obligated to pay the bail amount back and avoid jumping bail.

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