Being in a Car Crash is New Territory for Me

I got a speeding ticket one time when I was only 21 years old. The fact that I even received one in the first place upset me so much that I paid the ticket immediately, and then began overthinking my driving and being safe after that. I am a careful driver. A month ago, someone else who was not being careful at all hit my car. I was put into the hospital. Last night, I put together a list of questions for car accident claims solicitors so that I can remember to ask all that I need to. This is all so very new to me. I have tried to do what I can on the streets to drive carefully, but not everyone else does.

The driver who hit me was texting while she was driving. I saw her doing it. In fact, while we were both sitting at a light, I looked right over at her while she continued hitting the text buttons one by one with her fingertip. I felt a slight twinge of annoyance as I saw the light change to green, but she was oblivious. She sat smiling at her cell phone, tapping on the buttons and did not move her car as I slowly pulled through the intersection. After that, I tried to watch out for her because I feared she would continue texting and driving. She sped past me once and she was looking at her phone. She only had one hand on the wheel. I tried to ditch her after that.

About a mile down the road, I heard someone slam on their brakes behind me. I quickly looked into my rearview mirror as I saw her car slam into me. I was pushed off the road into a tree. The last thing that I remember is seeing myself hurling at the tree with my car. I need help to handle this woman, and that is why I’m going to an expert.

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