How to Save Money by Not Hiring a New Attorney – without Making Your Firm Suffer

There comes a time in every firm’s existence when the current partners start looking toward the future. When is the right time to add a new partner? How else will your firm manage the excess of work you’re dealing with? Although there may come a time when hiring a new full-time attorney is the answer, it needn’t be the first thing you think of when there’s an influx of work, especially if your firm is relatively new and your operating budget is tight.

Cope with Your Workload Right Now

Hire the best Per Diem attorney in New York to take on any excess in workload you have right now. For some firms, work is truly feast or famine – especially if you’re relatively new on the scene. You won’t know for sure that a few months down the line, your office will have as much work to deal with as it does right now. Think of the big picture and not just how to get through the next few weeks. If you hire a new attorney, you’re responsible for her salary even when you’re not dealing with a lot of cases. Per diem attorneys working on a temporary basis make more sense until your workload settles down to a more consistent number.

Rely on Per Diem Attorneys in the Long Term

Even if the upticks in workload for your firm are fairly consistent, it’s still cheaper to work with per diem attorneys than it is to hire a full-time member of the staff. When you work with the same firm of per diem attorneys, they become familiar with your firm rules and styles and can make helpful additions to any case. You won’t even have to worry about training and getting them used to how you operate because they’ll be able to use their expertise and previous experience with your company to act as any member of the firm would.

Tackle Your Schedule

Instead of taking on more work than your firm can handle or turning away work and potential revenue upfront because you don’t think your staff can handle the workload, spend more time organizing your firm’s schedule so you have adequate time to prepare for every case. Per diem attorneys can help you improve your firm’s schedule in addition to assisting with work on individual cases.

Start by hiring a per diem attorney or a team of per diem attorneys and see how they work out for your office. You can always hire another attorney later – or even ask the per diem attorneys to assist you in selecting a permanent replacement. Save money now by hiring additions on a case-by-case temporary basis. This allows you the time to increase revenue to better afford a new hire.



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